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Wandering in the ocean of life sciences, among the forefront of international academic, people admire; Liu, wandering in the natural landscape, set in the beauty of time, arouses heart; and Pharaoh, may not have Mike's smart Min, No Liu Liu's transcendence romantic, but he was able to seem humble work, change the general technology for the perfect art, out of a vocational students to welding master of the "great craftsmen" road. I think that the most charismatic Pharaoh!
Look back and forth five thousand years, to leave a note in the history of the picture, either the princes will be phase, or the literati - it seems that they decorated the history of the lively, one out of the ups and downs of the stage like every day Are staged. However, it is easy to find that the heroic stories of these armies are not the norm of life; it is easy to find that the story of the mortal world is rarely a cause for concern because they are too Ordinary, such as the breeze in the history of the sky as gently blowing, as if nothing left. As everyone knows, it is these ordinary people, with their wisdom, in every corner of the community hard work, in the accumulation of experience in the little burst but burst out a small enough sparking spark - and they, in my eyes, the The most charismatic!
As Pharaoh, perhaps, they are a common neighbor, friend, or passerby; perhaps, they are sunrise, day in and day out, day after day, year after year, and finally unknown. Yes, perhaps, the history of the sky will not leave any traces of them, but they already fly! However, it is such a number of "silent majority", it is these bow down to the "ox ox", they out of love and responsibility for life and work, as time goes on, they can also turn the miraculous! As in love and dedication of the Pharaoh, in the thorny environment, he went out from a vocational students to welding master of the "great craftsmen" road, I think that such a Pharaoh, of course, the most charismatic!

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